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Tailwind RIB 850

As the top charter company in Miami Beach, we have all kinds of boats at our disposal. While all of them are here for renting not all of them are useful in every situation. Every boat is made with a specific thing in mind and should be used as such for those occasions. Take for instance the Russian ships that were constructed for leisure purposes. The Tailwind RIB 850 is such a ship and it will blow your expectations.

When it comes to universal boats the Tailwind should be your go-to boat. Made for both pleasurable and comfortable drives on the water, the Tailwind can also be used for various work-related issues. You can check about it on The spacious cockpit of the boat is located in the back part of the middle area leaving the front of the boat to be free for various tasks. You can take it for a spin to sunbathe in the middle of the ocean, or fishing with your friends it won’t disappoint you. In fact, it will pleasantly surprise you as with its positive perks that is not just the front spacious part of the boat but it also has many benefits located within the middle and back part of the boat.

Enough room for everything

There is a huge bow compartment that will be able to store all your bulk cargo, while at the same time it will maintain its classy look and layout.  But, that is not all. If you want a boat that can do all this and still maintain the high-speed possibilities once you are racing in the open seas, that the RIB is an excellent ship worthy of your time.

With amazing stability and a top speed achieved at all times no matter the load on it, the ship is highly sought out in all circles of boat lovers. The length of the boat is 8.55 meters and the maximum width is 3.05 meters. The exterior shell on the outside part of the boat is welded and the thickness on the bottom is 5 mm. The case material is AMG5 which will prove to be resistant even after extensive use for several years down the line.

The main use of the boat:

Like we mentioned before the main use of the boat can be multi-functional. When taking this boat out for a ride it can be both mounted with equipment to relax when fishing, as well as with exploration equipment to either enjoy the free time in the sea or to go diving under the big blue and see what is beneath you. With its big storage capacity, the boat can be adjusted to several different occasions of which the transportation of certain items could also be a possibility, although not too far as the fuel tank is not made for international travel.

Standard equipment:

There are several pieces of standard equipment that adorn this boat and they are the stationary fuel tank, the automatic pump, the pump compulsory, the fuel supply system and the front lights.